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CCC (Course on Computer Concepts) is a popular computer literacy program offered by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) in India. It is designed to provide a basic understanding of computer concepts and skills to individuals who have limited or no prior knowledge of computers. CCC aims to enhance digital literacy and enable individuals to use computers for various tasks.

Here are some key aspects of the CCC program:

Computer Fundamentals:

Introduction to computer systems, components, and their functions.

Understanding computer software and operating systems.

File management and organization.

Operating Systems:

Basic features and functions of popular operating systems like Windows and Linux.

Navigating through the operating system's interface.

Managing files and folders.

Word Processing:

Introduction to word processing software like Microsoft Word.

Creating, formatting, and editing documents.

Working with tables, images, and other elements in documents.


Basic concepts of spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.

Creating, formatting, and editing spreadsheets.

Working with formulas, functions, and charts.


Understanding presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint.

Creating and formatting slides.

Adding multimedia elements and transitions to presentations.

Internet and Email:

Basics of internet connectivity and browsing.

Using search engines and navigating websites.

Email account setup, composing, and managing emails.

The CCC program typically consists of theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on sessions. After completing the program, participants are required to pass an examination to obtain the CCC certification, which validates their understanding of computer concepts and skills.

The CCC certification is widely recognized in various government job applications, educational institutions, and private organizations as a measure of computer literacy. It serves as a foundation for individuals looking to pursue further education or careers in the field of information technology.

It's important to note that the CCC program and certification are specific to India and may not be recognized internationally.

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